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“Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life."

—Maya Angelou

About Us

Anna Gilmore, CPM, Registered Midwife is mother to 7 wonderful children whose home births inspired her to start training as a midwife in 2014.  She trained as a childbirth educator with ICEA, a childbirth mentor with Birthing from Within and continued on to complete her studies with the Midwives College of Utah in 2019.  She is now licensed to practice in Colorado, and has recently relocated her family so that she can serve the Grand Valley and surrounding areas.  Anna has trained and served in several home birth midwifery practices as a student, as well as attending births in 7 different birth centers across the state of Utah.

Jan Saunders, Student Midwife, Doula began practicing as an apprentice trained midwife in 1986, before licensing was available in her state.  She ran a busy home birth practice for 10 years before taking some time off from birth work. She returned to midwifery again in 2004, practicing as a legal DEM in Massachusetts.

She has now relocated to the Grand Valley to team up as Anna's very experienced assistant until licensing is completed.  Jan is currently working to finish up her requirements for the Certified Professional Midwife credential through NARM so she can license in Colorado.  She also offers her services as a doula, childbirth educator, birth counselor, massage therapist and placenta encapsulator.    

Anna & Jan met as student midwives in Utah with a deep passion for birthwork.  They became friends and discovered they shared a similar philosophy of supporting families in their self determined choices and preferences within the confines of safety.  They are all about empowering parents.  They have attended over 600 births between the two of them.



“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.”


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Our Services

Our Services & Philosophy


Our role during your prenatal care is to empower you to learn about your options, let you make the decisions that are best for your family, and then support you. 

Be prepared for relaxed appointments in our Grand Junction office, plenty of time to ask all your questions, and sound nutritional advice!  Coaching you on how to eat during pregnancy is how we nourish your baby and prepare your body for the rigors of childbirth.  Traditional lab work (as desired) can give us feedback on how you are doing and what to do next.

Prenatal Care is available for clients planning a hospital birth, but who desire the high quality counseling found within the Midwives Model of Care.  You can pay per visit.  If you later decide to birth out of the hospital with Grand Valley Holistic Home birth, your payments will be applied to the full maternity care package fee.


We have 2 intentions during your labor and birth. 

1: Support and empower you  

2: Guard the safety of you and your          child

To guard your safety, there are at least two of us present.  We don't hesitate to escalate to higher levels of care when needed.  When transport is needed we strive to move before it becomes an emergency.  

To support and empower you we coach your partner and/or your doula on how to support you physically during labor. During your prenatal care we will discuss your birth plan so that you can make the choices that are meaningful for you.  You choose who will be there.  You choose to labor on land or in water.  You choose who catches. You choose when and who cuts the cord.  You choose who gets to weigh your new baby. You choose what  you want done with your placenta.  You choose what procedures are performed on yourself and on your child.  Our job is to support you in your choices within the confines of safety.


We provide home visits during the first week after your baby is born.  You can stay tucked in bed with your new baby, while we come to you!

We offer all of the newborn screenings that are done by the hospital including the CCHD, the hearing screen, and the metabolic screen.  We visit you in your home on day 2, and again on day 7.  You can call us to consult as often as needed  for up to 6 weeks postpartum.


We support your feeding goals for your baby, and refer you to solid community resources (such as WIC) and lactation consultant support as needed.  

When our schedule permits, we encapsulate placentas for an additional fee of $200.00.  Many women report good results from the practice, but we don't have any evidence based research for or against it.  Again, it is up to you!   


"My experiences with Anna during labor have been phenomenal...I appreciate that she approaches pregnancy and birth with both knowledge and humility."


I was very committed to not having pain relief drugs and to using hypnobirthing for our baby’s birth. I will forever remember looking into Jan’s bright blue eyes during the most intense part of labor as she coached me and breathed with me. Her presence was a LIFELINE and kept me connected to my intentions for the birth. In the days after the birth Jan made time to talk with me to integrate the whole experience, which felt so important to do.



"She taught me some doula stuff so I could assist her and play a more prominent role in my wife's birth. She is definitely worth going to and you will be in great hands. She went above and beyond any of my expectations."


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