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Optimal Beginnings Program

Optimal Beginnings Program


So much of what I do as a midwife is nutritional counseling.  Based on reported diet and an analysis of labwork, I recommend dietary improvements and supplementation to each of my clients, especially during the childbearing year.  Good nutrition effects how you feel during your pregnancy, how well your body holds up during labor, and how well your emotions hold up with your new baby.  It obviously effects the long term health of your child as well!  

The cost of paying for supplements may feel prohibitive, and I want to change that for you!  Starting in June 2022 I am offering two programs.

6 months of free custom health paks from Optimal Health Systems 


1/mo of customized supplements $48 (retails at $80.95) 
2/mo of customized supplements $75.50 (retails at $114.95)
3/mo of customized supplements $114.00 (retails at $197.95)
Anti-oxidant Rich Fruit & Veggie Plus powder $54.00 (retails at $86.95)


My hope is that this will be your most well-nourished pregnancy and postpartum yet, and that you will continue to purchase solid nutritional supplementation into the future!

Optimal Health Systems?

Optimal Health Systems has 3 major advantages that have me converted to their products. 

#1 This is a family owned business (and not an MLM) that hasn't sold out to giant corporate greed.  I used to recommend the "Garden of Life" prenatal vitamin, but they've been bought out by Nestle, making the quality of their products suspect.  I trust the quality of OHS because I am familiar with their company AND I've had great results from their products during my own pregnancy.  Every supplement comes with pre-digested nutrients, making your supplements more absorbable by your body, because its not what you eat that counts so much as what you absorb.

#2 They offer a very good deal! It costs less to purchase your supplements through the Nutrients Rx program than to purchase what you need separately (from OHS or at the health food store) AND its customized for you based on your health history and your labwork.  That savings is BEFORE I reimburse you for half your cost.  OHS gives me a kickback, but I give it all back to you. 


#3 Your own blood tells the truth about your nutritional needs so that you aren't just guessing or wasting your money on supplements of suspicious quality which may not even be what you need.  With the Nutrients Rx program, your labwork is redone every 6 months that you remain in the program (at no additional cost to you) so that you can see how your supplements are effecting your labwork results and then your supplement regime is adjusted to reflect your updated needs.  


Whats In it for the Midwife?

First, My job is easier when you are well nourished.  Your pregnancy is healthier, and your birth and recovery are more straightforward than they would be without high quality nutrition.  You are more likely to stay in my care because you remain healthy and low risk.  Its optimal for both of us!

Second,I get the satisfaction of seeing YOU get the kind of nutrition that I wish I had gotten when I was having my own eight babies.  I hope that after your baby is born, you will choose to continue purchasing high quality nutritional supplements for yourself and your family, because you feel the difference that they make. 


Being proactive about good health is at least as important as having access to good quality healthcare (in my opinion anyway...)  If you continue to purchase supplements from OHS, I will get paid a portion of the profits, which helps me out with providing high quality nutritional supplements for myself and my own family.  Wherever you choose to purchase supplements from, my hope is that you find a way to get the nutrition your family needs while your children are young and their growing bodies benefit the most!