Updated Global Maternity Fee

After seeing clients end up with a lot of supplies they don't need, or stress out and pay for supplies they only use once, I've decided to change up our Global Maternity Fee to cover the cost of supplies, as well as all routine lab work. This means that I am charging more ($5500.00 instead of $5000.00), but you are receiving more and being billed for less. From now on I will bring birth kit items, water birth pool and supplies with me at no additional charge to you. If desired, I am also offering to provide you with home pregnancy monitoring supplies, including a blood pressure cuff, a fetoscope, urine test strips, and a doppler.

This new policy saves me the extra task of billing you for labs and water birth supplies separately. Supplements will still be sold in the office at a discounted rate. You may want to check out our supplement reimbursement plan on the Optimal Beginnings page as well.

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